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Welcome from Anthony Cotton

Welcome to Energy Conscious!
Here we have one objective… to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future through fuel free energy systems that are clean, safe and sustainable. We want to promote the move away from fossil fuels as the primary driver of our energy economy toward one of Solar electrification. In our target residential market, this will include Solar systems to power our homes as well as our electric vehicles… all while supporting our electricity grid.

As we shift away from the status quo of burning fossil fuels, we will also be shifting toward what we consider a more sustainable business model. One that is based on the triple bottom line… People, Planet, Profit. One where we conduct business from a conscious perspective of integrity, cooperation and social justice. Even our “sales pitch” is sure to raise some eyebrows. We are not looking to “sell” anyone. Our focus is to assist people who are already drawn to exploring sustainable energy. We will support them through education and then help them move forward when they are ready.

This section includes:

About Our Website
This is not your typical Solar installer website. Yes… we do install Solar systems. But we also do much more. Our website delves into the whys and hows of Solar energy in a much larger context than you’re likely to find elsewhere. So please, take a few moments to explore and find out how we intend to guide you in “connecting the dots”.

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The majority of the Solar companies I’ve run across thus far, have a very specific focus… to install the simplest and most economical PV system. Their intent is to make the customer’s Solar experience as straight forward and simple as possible. I am all for this in principle and the temptation (as well as the advice of most of my colleagues) to follow suit with this simple approach is huge. But we feel there is a larger picture that must be addressed now, for Solar to be successful in the future.

For example, after Superstorm Sandy blew thru New Jersey, owners of newly installed Solar systems were excited to see the sun finally re-emerge. And although their system survived the storm unscathed, there was not one watt of production… ouch!

Connecting the Dots
Our mantra at Energy Conscious (EC) is to help customers “connect the dots”. These dots are the three key components; PV, EV and Smart Home technologies. When all these pieces are in play, this Solar powered Smart Home is clean, sustainable, resilient and can become what we call a “good grid citizen”.

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PV stands for Solar photovoltaic. This component is where electrical power is harvested from the sun and can be used to power the home. EV stands for Electric Vehicle which could also be powered by Solar electricity if the PV system is sized appropriately. The third and final component is the Smart Home which is critical to properly manage these sizable new PV and EV power flows.

Let’s Get Started
Once you’ve explored our website and you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to answer any remaining questions and follow-up with a free estimate. Just fill in the few items in the “Get Started” form…let us help you start connecting the dots.

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We are aware of the fact that some of the larger Solar installers can do the entire review and proposal process remotely. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, we want to offer our customers a more personalized experience. We will meet with you at your location, make sure we understand your objectives in pursuing Solar, do a thorough site assessment and deliver a proposal that addresses your immediate objectives while maximizing the option for possible future extensions.
Our job is to help customers look down the road. Your system will be in place for many years and the Solar space is changing rapidly. Don’t get caught in the next “Sandy” dilemma