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About Energy Conscious

Founder Anthony Cotton

Founder Anthony Cotton

Founded in early 2012, we are newcomers to the Solar game but have been trained in the most current technologies. We also have a depth of required technical and business experience that only comes from years in the trenches. As anyone knows, who has been following the Solar industry recently, the pace of technology development is accelerating. More importantly, there is growing recognition that Solar alone will need other technologies to grow into it’s true potential. This is where our unique blend of skills comes in.

My early career included project engineering in an industrial setting working in the electrical and instrumentation space. Later, I moved into the energy supply planning department at a national energy company. Using my computer skills, we developed an energy supply forecasting system. Anxious to leave corporate America, I cofounded a software engineering company that consulted for some of the largest corporations across a broad spectrum of industries in the US and Canada.

As we move forward toward sustainable energy systems, we will be “connecting the dots” between solar systems (PV), electric vehicles(EV) and smart home technologies. Our combination of project engineering, software development and energy industry experience will serve us well. Integrating these seemingly disparate elements into a collaborative system will require this broader set of skills and experience. In the end, we will be able to deliver a solid foundation now and allow for expansion in the future.

It’s not about simply installing Solar modules anymore.