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Home Electric Vehicle(EV) FAQs

Electric Vehicle(EV) FAQs

Here are some common questions and misconceptions regarding EVs

Q: “How can EV adoption start to catch on without a charging infrastructure?”

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A: EVs are already catching on… And the critical first wave of charging infrastructure is in the garage!

There have been over a quarter million plug-ins sold in the US alone since 2010. And typically new EV owners soon install an L2 charger. So right off the bat… there are over 200,000 charging stations.

The current “gas station model” will NOT be the model for recharging EVs. We see charging infrastructure going in 3 waves;

  • First wave – Home charging
  • The bulk of all charging will be done at home. No more rushed stops to fill up when you’re running late. And once your family and friends have EVs… you have charging available at both ends of those visits.

    With just the charger at home, you have 85 miles (for a Nissan Leaf) covered each day. More than enough for most commuters.

  • Second wave – Workplace charging
  • Businesses are catching on that offering EV charging can help attract and maintain progressive talent. And new models are emerging, where businesses may be able to leverage this growing storage asset to materially reduce demand charges, more than offsetting any increased consumption cost.

    Adding a workplace charger, you can materially extend your daily range.

  • Final wave – Highway charging
  • This is where the coverage for road trips will be… stopping at highway rest stops for a quick charge (typically 80% during a 20-30 minute pit stop)

Q: “Aren’t EVs much more expensive to buy?”

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A: EVs currently do have a purchase price premium. But that premium is covered by incentives. For example, a new Nissan Leaf SV would only cost around $23K after the $7,500 federal and $2,000 state tax credits. Or you could let the leasing company roll those credits into a reduced lease payment of maybe $240-$250/month.

Q: “Sure total electric EVs like the Leaf never need gas… but your electric bill will just go up.”

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A: For every mile I drive my 2014 Nissan Leaf, I save over a dime. That is the differential of $3.50/gal gasoline versus $0.15/kWh electric.

To check your savings try this calculator… the more you drive… the more you save. And those savings will only increase as gas prices rise.

Nissan Leaf Savings Calculator