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Solar Microgrid

This is a summary overview of the Solar Microgrid system where the customer wants to combine PV, EV and Smart Home together

  • How to Use This Section
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Solution Economics

How to Use This Section

This section will allow the customer to assess the impact of combining Solar (PV), Electric Vehicle (EV) and Smart Home together. It builds upon the information from both the PV, EV and Smart Home options. Review PV Only solution…Review EV Only solution…Review Smart Home Only solution…

discuss adding Smart Home Gateway to facilitate participation in energy markets, local storage for good grid citizen, EV storage for backup and possible frequency regulation

Puzzle Pieces

describe the combination of PV, EV and Smart Home for full microgrid operation…. can interoperate with grid or island as needed.

Build upon PV only, EV only and Smart Home only configurations.. incremental options similar, adding increments of local storage, increments of PV, increments of home automation and finally gateway for energy market participation.. only new piece is energy market gateway

Solution Economics

discuss the impact of combining PV, EV and Smart Home economics… many elements additive, PV offsets utilities, EV offsets gasoline costs (and possibly generator), Smart Home reduces consumption and can support participation in the energy markets… also supports good grid citizen… should have valued service level agreement (SLA) from utility (i.e. if the residential microgrid node can commit to stable supply and demand patterns, 1.0 power factor, VAR support, etc. the utility will provide financial incentives via rate structures… this is on top of whatever the node can do in the energy markets