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Smart Home Only

This is a summary overview of the Smart Home Only option where the customer wants to get started with just the Smart Home components

  • How to Use This Section
  • Are Smart Home Options a Good Fit for Me?
  • Can I Afford a Smart Homen EV?

How to Use This Section

This section will allow you to assess the suitability of adding Smart Home capabilities such as home energy monitoring and various types of controllers as well as their cost and any potential savings. The Smart Home by itself is primarily motivated by energy efficiency and/or advanced control scenarios.

Are Smart Home Options a Good Fit for Me?

Step 1: Type of Home – First, we need to assess your home… single family, multi-tenant, new vs. old building, types of lighting, utilities and appliances

Step 2: Types of Proposed Home Automation – Next, we need to determine what type of monitoring and control options are envisioned

Can I Afford a Smart Home?

Discuss associated costs and potential benefits and/or savings

Acquisition Options…

Pay for Your System Upfront – this is the cheapest option over the long run and offers the maximum financial benefit. However, with the rapidly changing EV landscape (especially battery technology), leasing may be the best option.

Financial Incentives – description of financial incentives for EE products