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EV Only

This is a summary overview of the EV Only option where the customer wants to get started with just the EV components

  • How to Use This Section
  • Is an EV a Good Fit For Me?
  • Can I Afford an EV?

How to Use This Section

This section will ultimately include interactive components that allow you to assess the suitability of owning an EV based on type of home, number of vehicles, travel patterns, electrical supply capacity and selected financing option.

Is an EV a Good Fit for Me?

Step 1: Type of Home – First, we need to assess your home… single family, multi-tenant, own garage, shared parking, street parking, electrical supply

Step 2: Number of Vehicles – Next, we need to determine whether the EV can be a second vehicle…

Step 3: Travel Patterns – Next, we need to assess the driving patterns for the replacement vehicle…

Step 4: Electrical Supply Capacity – Next we need to identify whether electrical capacity is available to charge your EV…

Can I Afford an EV?

How to use this item… use this interactive estimator to select the appropriate ownership option for you. You will be able to get specific feedback on your estimated system economics under each of the ownership scenarios.

Acquisition Options…

Pay for Your System Upfront – this is the cheapest option over the long run and offers the maximum financial benefit. However, with the rapidly changing EV landscape (especially battery technology), leasing may be the best option.

Lease Your System – description of leasing option