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Home Climate Change & Energy Impacts

Climate Change & Energy Impacts

9/5/2013 – Video of AEE webinar presentation by Eric Woodward PhD entitled “Game Changing Climate Data & Energy Impacts”.

Key Issues include ;

  • Climate change is real and urgent
  • Climate change has a direct connection to CO2 levels
  • CO2 levels are increasing dramatically
  • CO2 levels have had dramatic swings over the past 800,000 years
  • BUT… not near today’s level (> 400ppm)
  • Increasing CO2 is also acidifying the ocean
  • Environmental and Societal Impacts are occurring now
  • Solar PV Reaching Grid Parity Nationally by 2020
  • … this is without including incentives or pricing Externalities
  • Grid Impacts of this Major Shift Need to be Addressed
  • Major Shift Can be an Opportunity